Our Mission Statement

LEARN about Christian faith through worship and study.
We praise and honor God through music, providing musical education for all age groups.
We create an educational environment for all to learn and grow in faith.
We welcome new viewpoints into our discussions of faith through challenging sermons and by being open and honest as a congregation.

LOVE our neighbors as Jesus taught.
We invite and welcome persons of any age, ability, race or ethnicity fully into the life of the church, recognizing and respecting all sexual orientations and gender identities.
We nourish a sense of community and belonging through a range of weekly group activities for all ages.
We organize support for church members in times of need and celebrate together in times of joy.

SERVE God by serving others.
We strive to make a tangible, positive impact worldwide through regular service projects and yearly mission trips for youth and adults.
We commit our time and talent to the life of the church and toward the wellbeing of the community.
We cherish ongoing traditions in the church while exploring new ways to show gratitude and generosity.